Friday, January 11, 2008

This Friday's lunch in Fulshear

So today is Friday, it's gorgeous outside and I needed to run by the dealership to pick up a check and then make some deposits at the bank. Since it was so beautiful and I was hungry, I figured it'd be a great time to sneak a little riding in, so after leaving the bank (which is about 3 miles from the house) I took a detour going home.

I stopped off at the Exxon station at 59 and Sweetwater. Used my speedpass and filled up. Hmmm, $3.24 per gallon, I wonder how much more expensive premium is going to get.

With a full tank of gas I head south on 59 to Rosenberg. I turn north onto hwy 36 into Rosenberg. Traffic was light for a Friday afternoon. Probably because everyone was at Schultz Bar-B-Q. I had another favorite in mind though. Once out of Rosenberg I settled in and enjoyed my XM radio while taking in the clear sky. Just as I left Rosenberg there was a train running alongside me but once the speed limit went up to 65mph he quickly fell behind.

Just past Orchard, I turned right onto FM1489 toward Simonton. Five miles later I was rolling into Simonton. It's such a little town, but something about it just intrigues when I come into on this road. I make a right onto FM1093 heading toward Fulshear. I've decided where I'm going to eat lunch, Doziers.

I get to Doziers just a little past one and the parking lot is full. Since it's such a nice day, I decide to get my brisket and beans to go and eat out at one of the picnic tables under the trees. Judging from all the motorcycles that passed by, other people had similar ideas. It was just too pretty of a day to be couped up inside. After eating and checking voicemail, it's time to head home for real.

I leave Fulshear on FM1093 and turn right onto Bois D Arc Lane. There are some fun curves along this way and the scenery is nice to boot. Just as I'm coming up on a nice left hander a farmer pulls out in front of me in his big pickup truck, grinning from ear to ear. I guess he thinks he showed me, but the joke was on him as I had already slowed down expecting he would do just what he did. Once past the intersection I pick up the pace and enjoy the rest of the curves.

I eventually end up on FM359 where I make a right and head towards Richmond. A quick left by the Swingin' Door Bar-B-Q and I'm traveling more favorite roads, McCrary Rd and Precinct Line Rd. I finally come out on TX99 and decide to turn right and head towards 90A and home.

I make it home a little after 2pm with 62 miles on the odometer since I filled up at the Exxon. Not too bad for a quick trip to the bank :)

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