Friday, March 7, 2008

Eating at the Naked Rib on it's last Friday

Before I forget, I got my bike back from the dealership last Saturday. It took a few hours to rerun the wires but I got it all back together and went riding with Reagan following Sunday morning breakfast with the Fort Bend Riders.

My Friday BBQ Run:
So this week things are sort of back to normal since I have my scooter back, I'm in town and the weather seems to be cooperating. So it's perfect for a Friday BBQ run.

This week's trip was a short one as I had a teleconference at 1:30 that I needed to be on. So since time was short I thought a nearby place would be great, and besides I've been intrigued with a little shack in Manvel, TX called the Naked Rib. many times they would put their blushing pig sign out by the road to attract passers by. And I guess it worked on me although it's taken years for me to finally go there for BBQ.

I sent out invites to two riding buddies to see if anyone wanted to come along. John took me up on my offer after his trip to Abilene didn't happen. Dan had other things on his plate for the day. So at 11am John came by the house and off we went. Down HWY 59 to FM762, then we headed south on 762 to FM1462 where we headed east. I had forgotten how fun the curves were on 762. After passing through Rosharon and going under HWY 288 we turned north on Brister Rd (CR 121). We followed this road to CR 67 where we turned right and continued north. Eventually we came to HWY 6 and turned left. Just about a mile or so down on the right was the Naked Rib. I was happy to see trucks outside which meant they were open.

Normally I like to order 1/4lb of sliced brisket and a side of beans. Well today I thought I'd splurge and get their sliced beef plate with two sides. I had beans and cole slaw. I'm pretty sure the cole slaw was from Sysco but that's cool because I like their cole slaw. The beans were pretty good. The brisket though wasn't so great. It seemed to be cooked just about right but it was dry. Normally I'd guess that it dried out on the steam table but I saw the lady unwrap the whole brisket and slice my serving from it. So it was a little disappointing but good. They cook their briskets in an old Oyler pit which is cool. I had heard stories of cooking on one but never seen one up close. So after lunch I started poking around and looking at it. Since the fire was out I opened it up and looked inside. It was well seasoned. When you're looking at someone's pit you're going to get attention and sure enough the lady came over to talk to me. It turns out tomorrow is their last day, and they are throwing a big party. Afterwards they'll close for a month and do some remodeling that the new owners have planned. From what she said it sounds like it's going to lose it's old BBQ shack feeling for a more sports bar look and feel.

After a little conversation it was time to scoot on home. The ride home was short and pretty much straight back down Hwy 6. I did take a detour at Lake Olympia and went down Oilfield Road and went through the fancy neighborhoods of Sugar Land. I got back to the house just at 1:30. A great but short BBQ ride, and I was able to join my conference call in time.

The route

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