Monday, February 2, 2009

BBFO '09 Day 4 - Heading home sort of ...

Today we pointed the bikes east to begin the ride home. For breakfast we dined at the Chuck Wagon again since the drug store is closed on Mondays. Everyone avoided the Toast and Sausage (soup) gravy. The waitress this morning was sassy and friendly. I think she might have been the owner or manager.

We finished breakfast around 8:15 and headed south through town on 118 toward Alpine. The temperature was around 25 degrees as we started the day. Once we got to Alpine we turned east onto 90. The downside to going home from the west is that you have to drive into the sun in the mornings.

We stopped Sanderson to fill up and say good bye to Bill and Randy. They were taking a more direct route home as they needed to be home today. After the break we continued on 90 to Dryden where we turned north onto 349. Apparently there must be more deer per square inch in this area than any other part of Texas, because there were so many deer stands so close together it almost looks like suburban neighbourhood of deer stands. FM 349 is a very scenic route with some moderate curves. A definite must if you are in the area.

We rolled into Sheffield and tried to stop at a gas station but it was closed, so we headed east on 290 over to Fort Lancaster. After a break we continued on 290 to I-10 and then stayed on I-10 to Ozona. There we topped off the tanks and then grabbed a bite to eat next door at the Subway.

After lunch we headed down 163 to 189. A left turn onto 189 and we were on a real Texas ranch road. The cattle guards were definitely rougher than the those you find around the Hill Country. The scenery was great and after awhile the road turned to a wider, better maintained farm to market road. We took the road over to 277, where we headed south for a short distance.

As we neared our turn off for 55, there was a picnic area at the intersection so we took another break. After a bit, we headed east on 55 toward Rocksprings. We stopped for gas in Rocksprings since they have several stations. The gas stop was the shortest of the trip, a real gas and go. Just another 29 miles to Camp Wood.

By 4pm we were at the Woodbine Inn in Camp Wood checking into our room for the evening. Total mileage for the day was 375 miles. Very little of it was on I-10. I saw several places along the way that would be great areas to own some land. The views you could see from a front porch could be incredible.

I'm really glad that we are taking 2 days to get home. This allows us to really see some neat roads on the way.

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