Monday, March 15, 2010

Arkansas Diamond Hunting - Day 4

Today was the trip home. Like all trips I always hate the last day because I know at the end of the day I'll be home sleeping in my own bed and the ride is over. At least that's the plan.

We got a late start to breakfast because they didn't open until 7am although the sign on the door said they opened at 6am. They finally opened and we had breakfast. I tried the chocolate gravy which turned out pretty good.

After breakfast we geared up and headed out on 27 S. In Nashville, we picked up 278 and followed that over to I-30. Then it was down to Texarkana via the super slab. They are doing some major construction at the 59 and I-30 intersection. After several u-turns following the detour signs we found ourselves on 59 south heading toward Marshall. We stopped for gas and then resumed our travels. After Marshall we hopped onto I-20 to get over to Hwy 43 down to Henderson. Then it was 259 down to Nacogdoches.

As we approached Nacogdoches, we said our farewells to John and Lydia and split off so we could go through town and see Reagan's old apartment from college. Then we had lunch at Butcher Boys BBQ shack, I can't believe they were out of brisket. Really???

Once lunch was had, we went down to Lufkin to visit my grandmother for a little bit and then get on home. We topped off the tanks before leaving Lufkin and then Reagan took the lead. Everything was going along just fine until we were coming into Dibol. That's when the belt came lose and Reagan had to coast into the gas station. I was happy to see she was OK, so I started checking out the belt situation. Everything was fine until I got to the front sprocket. What front sprocket? It was missing.

I decided to run back up to Lufkin where there was a Can Am dealership. They had a trailer and went down to pick up the Spyder. I picked up Reagan and we rode back to the dealership to swap some things around. Before we left we me "Hair Smith" from Two Wheel Texans and talked to him about BMWs, rallies and his vision of a GS style Spyder.

We geared up and headed home, leaving her Spyder in the care of Lufkin power sports. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon. The ride home was uneventful.

The total for the day was 409 miles over a 10 hour 20 minute period. The trip was great, it met my standing rules of "No one goes to jail and no one goes to the hospital". In light of the visits to dealerships in the past 2 years I may have to add another part to my saying, "No one goes to jail, no one goes to the hospital, and no bikes left behind".

Another trip is in blog.

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