Monday, July 12, 2010

BMW Rally 2010 - Day 4

Today we weren't traveling anywhere, it was a rest day and a chance to explore the area around Mt. Rushmore. We didn't get out of the parking lot until after 8:30 and then it was just a short ride up to Mt. Rushmore to explore the monument.

This was my second visit to the monument and I wanted to see all of the things I didn't see before. We walked the trail, visited the museum and the sculptors studio. The only difficulty we had was with the crowds. They just got in the way.

Next Reagan led me down to Wind Cave National Park with a slight detour to the town of Custer when she made a wrong turn. So we missed the Needles Highway. But we made it to Wind Cave and took the Fairground Tour. I was totally impressed with the cave.

After the cave tour, we realized we didn't have time to make the train tour back in Keystone so we took a leisurely ride back up to 16A and rode Iron Mountain road to get back to Keystone. Again, crowds of cars got in my way.  Reagan and I have come to the conclusion that June through August are months in which you should stay away from National Park areas.

Today we only traveled 97 miles over an 8 hour period. I found some fun curves on 16A and a lot of people all over the roads. Hopefully Reagan and I will be able to enjoy National Parks in the off-season more often.

Tomorrow was are heading up to Miles City, MT. According to Garmin it's only going to be 312 miles so we're going to get a later start and we're stopping in Deadwood to see where Wild Bill (Or some Old west celebrity) was killed.

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