Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 11 - Another chilli morning

This morning we got up by 6am so we'd be packed up and ready to go after the restaurant opened at 7. It was 31 degrees when I checked weather.com. We packed the bikes and searched for my keys, which turned up inside my pants thanks to a hole in the pocket. We got over to breakfast by 7:15 and got some coffee. Both our orders came with scones, yum!!

With breakfast complete we headed north on US 89. Within in a few minutes it was clear the temperature was dropping. Doug reported again that his temp gauge dropped  below 14 degrees and went blank. Brrrr cold! There was snow on the ground but the roads were dry. So we pressed on. At one point while Doug was leading we passed a large mule deer buck that what just standing next to the road until Doug passed, then it jumped back into the field. He had a beautiful rack but that was a little too close for comfort.

At Hillsdale, we turned right onto UT-12 and headed toward Bryce Canyon. Once through the entrance gate we decided to stop by the visitor center to warm and pick out some things to take home. They were showing a movie about the park so we watched that and looked through the museum before heading out to the park. I managed to shoot lots of photos as we rode through the park and stopped at the various view points. This is a park where you need to actually get off the bike and walk up to some views. It's worth while.

After finishing the park we continued on UT-12 east up to Torrey. The views along the way was just amazing. At one point we were riding along a ridge with just the width of the road and no barriers. This is a great road to see and ride. Once we reached Torrey we turned right onto UT-24.

We rode through Capital Reef National Park and I decided to stop by the visitor center to get a stamp in my passport. It turns out the park is rather large and deserves a visit for itself. That will have to wait for another time though. After leaving the visitor center we continued west on UT-24. Just a few miles down the road the scenery began to change drastically. Where we were previously seeing red cliffs now we began to see less red and more greys. It was becoming more and more like a desert. It just seemed dirty.

Finally we rode into Hanksville. I noticed the communications tower on a bluff near town and as expected we both had cell service. We checked in at the Hanksville motel and I started working to get my laptop connected to the internet. After a few attempts it finally worked so I was able to enter my blog this evening.

Today's ride covered 262 miles. Doug rolled over 75,000 miles on his odometer today. And my odometer passed 46,000 miles as well. It was another great day. Tomorrow we are heading to Alpine, Az via four corners. There's a BBQ place to check out along the way.

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