Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 14 - Coming Home

Friday morning we awoke early and  were on the bikes by 5:45. A quick stop at the Loves truck stop for gas and then it was east on I-10 toward home. The GPS showed 594 to the house and said I'd be home by 2:30. Of course figuring in stops for breakfast and fuel it would probably be closer to 4. The temperature was above freezing but it still felt good to have the electric jacket liner on along with the heated grips.

We stopped in Fort Stockton for breakfast. Since the sheriff was eating there we figured it was a good place to stop for a decent breakfast. I stopped to get a photo of the town's road runner which was freshly repainted and then it was back on the road. Traffic was moving along nicely until we got to San Antonio and all my peace and tranquillity from the trip quickly began disappearing. We were back in traffic with stupid people. We stopped for fuel on the east side of San Antonio along 1604. Doug and I talked about the trip and wrapped things up. Then we got back on the road headed for home. Doug pulled off on 36 and I took 99. Just before 4pm I pulled into the driveway and Reagan was there to meet me, I was home.


In 14 days, my bike and I travelled 5,172 miles excluding the truck ride to Fresno for the Final Drive repair. Fuel cost was $464 with an cost of $3.571 per gallon, consuming 129.95 gallons for an average of 39.41 miles per gallon.

Obviously the final drive failed, which happened at 45,000 miles.

A few days into the trip the Zumo started acting up, and the touch screen  began to malfunction. The problem was more pronounced when temperatures fell below 50 degrees. I'll call Garmin tomorrow to see if they can help. The slow map drawing after boot up was resolved by deleting the mp3s from the SD Card.

My right electric sock didn't work which turned out to be a problem with the wire down the right leg. I'll have to call Gerbing to check into warranty procedures.

In all this was a great trip with lots of great places to see. Oil prices are going down and hopefully fuel costs will remain low for next summer's trip to Alaska.

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