Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Trip to the Hill Country

Last month it was decided that several riders in our Sunday morning riding group would go out to the Hill Country for a long weekend of riding before the Christmas holiday festivities got cranked up all the way. December 12 - 15 was decided as the weekend and Camp Wood was the hub location for the weekend.

So this morning we met up at the Chevron on 59 just north of spur 10. By 6am we were ready to go. So after a little entertainment from Dan trying to plug in his electric gear, five of us rolled out and headed up spur 10. Then it was west on 90A to Eagle Lake. There we picked up FM 102 and went up to Columbus. A short ride down I-10 and we continued north on 71 to La Grange. There we stopped at the Shell station to warm up, get a little breakfast and meet up with two other riders who were coming from the north side of town. Just a little after 8am, Dick shows up and gets breakfast. Our group is now complete, 7 riders in total.

With everyone fed, it was time to gear up and head on up the road. Our route resumed on Hwy 71 going north. When we reach Smithville, we took loop 230 over to 95 and turned south to 535. In Rockne we turned south on 20 and followed it down to FM 1854. A right turn on 1854 and it eventually led us to Hwy 21 where we headed south west. We caught FM 150 over to Kyle where we stopped for fuel and a break. Then we resumed our travels on 150 heading west. When 150 turned north we stayed on 3237 down to Wimberly where we turned onto FM 2325. The next turn was a left on Fischer Store Road, then hwy 32, then 473 over to 281. A short ride south on 281 and then we resume our travel on 473. When we got to FM474 we turned right and followed it into Boerne. We leave town via 46 over to 16 into Bandera where we stopped for lunch. Lunch was good but nothing amazing, just a good burger and great company.

After lunch, Fred decided we should deviate from the route a little and pick up 470 and then 187 up to Vanderpool where we resumed our route on 337 toward Leakey. We stopped for gas at a Texaco station and then resumed our travel, planning to stop at the Frio Canyon Motorcycle stop. When we pulled up I wondered if they were even open but the doors were up and there were 3 cars in the parking lot. I guess we got there just before they started closing up the store and the grill. Which was good since I needed to get aT-shirt. After sitting around and telling stories we decided to continue into Camp Wood and cover the last 20 miles or so. I don't know if it was the time of day or having just sat around at the last stop but I was really tired by the time I pulled into the Woodbine Inn at Camp Wood. The day's ride had come to an end.

We covered 351 miles and I stopped 3 times for gas including the initial fill up at my favorite Exxon station near the house. I don't have cellular service here but I do have wi-fi so I get my Internet fix. Tomorrow should find plenty of twisties, it should be another great day on the bike.

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