Saturday, April 18, 2009

Riding around the Hill Country

This morning I awoke without the aid of an alarm clock. I simply finished sleeping. A quick look outside told me things were still a little damp outside but the radar told me the storms were on their way toward Houston and wouldn't be a problem any longer. So I went downstairs to breakfast hoping there would be something left after the Corvette club finished. I guess they were lite eaters or went elsewhere for Breakfast.

With breakfast done I took my time and adjusted my route. The longer I waited the better I knew the roads would get. Finally I packed everything up and headed out the door. The sun was starting to shine and the clouds were clearing. I fueled up at the near by Exxon and then headed west on 46 toward Hwy 16. A right turn onto 16 followed by another right turn onto 173 pointed me toward Kerrville. I continued North until I found FM 2771 where I turned left. This road would allow me to cut over to 16 without going all the way into Kerrville.

Once I started heading south on 16 toward Medina I knew it wouldn't be long before the apple pie. By the time I got to Hwy 16 the road was dry and it was hard to tell there had even been any rain earlier in the morning. The temperature was great and the day was shaping up to be fantastic.

Riding into Medina I found lots of people. On motorcycles and in cars, it was some sort of fair day or something in the little town. There were vendors up and down the street selling all sorts of things. My priority was the Apple pie though so I parked and walked into the Apple Store. I got a piece of pie, covered it in apple ice cream, planned to wash it down with a bottle of water. Yum! Once that was done, and I finished people watching it was time to get back on the road. I had more curves to straighten.

I headed back out of town and caught 337 toward Vanderpool. I ended up  getting behind a couple on a pair of Harleys. The lady was in front and while she wasn't going very fast, she was very smooth through the corners unlike her husband who couldn't keep steady line through a curve to save his life. Finally I decided to pass them up so I could pick up the pace a litte bit.

I turned right onto 187 and headed north. I had forgotten about the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum and when I passed it I figured I'd stop in on the way back. Finally I turned right onto Hwy 39 toward Hunt. Then left on FM1340 and passed by Stonehenge II. 1340 led me to Hwy 41 where I turned left and went over to US 83 where I headed south. Then it was left on 39 again so I could get back to 187 and the museum.

They've got lots of great looking old bikes at the museum. Old Indians, Nortons, BMWs and Harleys. It was also a chance to visit with other motorcycle enthusiasts and just kick back on the porch for a while.

After the break I headed south on 187 back to Vanderpool where I turned right on FM 337 toward Leakey. Once in Leakey I thought about stopping for fuel but decided I'd be ok to make it into Camp Wood. So I headed onto FM 336. By now the temperature was getting a little warmer than I planned.

I turned left onto Hwy 41 and then left again on FM 335. I was having a great time riding these roads. I found myself behind another Harley rider going slow so I waited patiently and passed him when I finally got to the striped lines again.

Just after 4pm I rolled into Camp Wood and topped off the gas tank. I had gone 278 miles and still had 1.5 gallons left. So I could have rode up to Leakey for gas but I was getting a little tired so I filled up and headed down the street to the Woodbine Inn. It's been a great day of riding. The mileage total was 282 miles of twists and turns. Tomorrow I have to point the bike toward home, but I bet I can find a few more twisties along the way.

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