Friday, January 27, 2012

BBFO 2012 - Day 1

Happy new year. It's been several months since I posted anything on this blog. I've been riding my motorcycle but haven't taken any real trips since the summer.

Last month I did get some exciting news related to my enjoyment of motorcycling. I have been picked to complete in the 2013 Iron Butt Rally. So now the preparation begins. I'm entered in the April Fools 30hr rally to be held at the end of March and then the Butt Lite  6 day rally in August. I'd like to get a new K1600GT as my rally bike but for now it's not in the budget. Hopefully that will change as the year progresses.

Now how about the current trip I'm on? I left my driveway at 9:30 and was finally on the road by 9:45 after filling up the gas tank. It was a quick ride down Hwy 59 and then over to Hwy 36 via Spur 10. Traffic was almost non-existent so I was able to move down the road easily.

In Sealy I turned onto I-10 West and remained on the super slab until I got past Ft. Stockton. I made 2 gas stops along the way, the first was in Kerville. Since it was around lunch time I stayed there a little longer and enjoyed part of a Cliff bar. Total stop time was 10 minutes. The next stop was in Ozona and it was just a quick gas and go. I was back on the road in 3 minutes. With a full tank of gas, I knew I could take advantage of the higher posted speed limits out west so I cranked up the throttle.

Once past Ft. Stockton I took exit 248 south onto Hwy 67 down to Hwy 90 and then into Alpine where the motel is. After stopping to top off my tank for tomorrow I arrived at the motel by 5:30. So it was 8 hours drive way to drive way and 560 miles.

Tomorrow we'll be heading down to ride the river road (FM 170) and other roads as time permits.

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