Sunday, January 29, 2012

BBFO 2012 - Day 3

This morning we enjoyed breakfast at Magoo's again. We started a little earlier as everyone seemed to be ready before 8am yesterday. My breakfast was a breakfast taco with 2 eggs, bacon and cheese. Definitely a hearty meal to start the day.

The plan today was to head east and end up in the Hill Country for the night in Campwood, Texas. We left Alpine via Hwy 90. The first stop was in Sanderson to allow people to fill up. Then it was on to Langtry to visit the Judge Roy Bean museum. We then continued east to Comstock for lunch and another fill up for some of the bikes. I had not filled up the bike all morning long and I didn't plan to until we got to Rocksprings. This is one of the benefits of having the GS Adventure tank on a regular GS. After lunch at the grill next door to the gas pumps we headed north on FM 163. We stopped in Juno at the deserted resort to kick tires and tell lies for a few minutes. Then continued on up the road to Hwy 189.  Hwy 189 ended at US 277 where we turned south to go down to Hwy 55. From there it was an easy ride into Rocksprings where I topped off the tank at the Shell station.

Most of the riders wanted to head on to the motel in Campwood which was about 25 miles down the road. I wasn't quite ready to call it a day just yet so another rider and I went north on 377 to Hwy 41 East over to FM 335. When I  turned south on 335 I found a wonderfully fresh paved road to enjoy. We set a modest pace and enjoyed the sweepers of 335. Before I knew it we had chewed up the 20+ miles of pavement and found ourselves just a few miles outside of Campwood on Hwy 377.

We rolled into town and pulled into the parking lot to see the other guys just getting into their rooms. Apparently they stayed at the gas stop longer than I expected. Because we certainly weren't going that fast on our little detour down FM 335. I checked into my room and unloaded the bike. Another wonderful day of riding had come to an end. I traveled 333 miles today over an 8 hour period. It was a very relaxed pace today and allowed me lots of time to think about changes I wanted to do to my bike in it's preparations for the big mileage days to come later this year and next.

Tomorrow evening I'll be at home and this year's BBFO trip will be over. Weather has been absolutely wondeful on this trip with lows in the high 20's and highs in the low 70's. Perfect for a winter trip in Texas.

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