Thursday, July 5, 2012

50CC Pacific to Atlantic–Prep

Next month I’ll be riding in the Butt Lite 6IX to prepare for next year’s Iron Butt Rally. So to prepare for the Butt Lite this year I thought I’d do a Coast to Coast ride in under 50 hours (50CC).

The plan is simple, ride over to San Diego, sleep, turn around and ride to Jacksonville, sleep and then head home. Since I live almost in the middle of the route it’s really about twice the distance to ride this ride which is about 4,600 miles. So to make this a good training ride I’m going to do it in 4.5 days.

Here’s the general schedule I have planned:
07/05 14:00 - leave for Van Horn, TX
07/05 23:30 - arrive in Van Horn
07/06 06:00 - depart Van Horn
07/06 19:00 - arrive in San Diego
- get witness form signed
- visit ocean and fill Pacific vile
- scout gas station
- get into motel and sleep
07/07 02:00 - depart from gas station
07/08 00:00 - arrive at home, get sleep!
07/08 06:00 - depart for Jacksonville
07/08 21:00 - arrive in Jacksonville
- get final receipt
- get witness form signed
- visit ocean and fill Atlantic vile
- check into a motel
07/09 08:00 - depart for the house
07/09 21:00 - arrive home!

If I’m able to stick to this schedule I’ll complete the 50CC in 43 hours. I have 50 hours to do it in so I’m not too concerned.

I’ve been prepping the bike for the past week. The folks at the Butt Lite didn’t like some of the details of my auxiliary fuel tank so I fabricated a new one. This time it’s a cube with no more than 2.5 gallons of capacity. Period. When I filled it up yesterday it stopped at 2.3 gallons. The new tank is fed into the main tank via a pump instead of gravity. So I should avoid some of the issues I had previously with the gravity feed not working.

Yesterday I installed new tires, checked all the nuts, bolts and fluids. The bike is ready to go.

As for me, well for this trip I won’t look so much like a motorcycle fashion model. I will be wearing the new Olympia Recon 3 pants because of a size issue with my old pants. But everything else has seen previous trips.

No updates while riding this ride, but you can follow along via SpotWalla. Here’s the link,

The ride report to follow next week.

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