Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Riding for a cause

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t need a reason to ride my motorcycle. Heck, a day ending in “y” is a good enough reason for me. But sometimes there can be a cause for riding as well.
IMG_20130402_124512Last month I found an email in my Inbox that told me to enter the MS5000. What??? I don’t ride bicycles. Wait, that’s the MS150. The MS5000 is for motorcycles and the concept is simple. Between April 1, 2013 and May 20, 2013 a participant needs to ride 5,000 documented miles. That’s easy enough, considering I’m already entered in the Heart of Texas Rally which will help be add at least 2,000 miles to the odometer this month.
I’ve set a small goal for myself to raise $500. The folks at the National MS Society have even made it easy for me by giving me a fund raising page. Visit my page. And if you want to see how all of us are doing, checkout the group fundraising page. I hope to at least get to the $100 mark soon, as then I’ll get a T-Shirt.
So I’ve sent in my start receipt and rode to a client’s site today. I only have 4,981 miles to go.

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