Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rallies 2011 – Day 2

Today we headed up to Abingdon, Virginia. The route was simple, I-59 up to I-20 east, then on up to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. We continued to follow I-59 north. In Chatanooga we encountered construction which delayed us some. But once on the other side of town traffic flowed again and we caught I-75 north. Outside of Knoxville we joined I-40 east and followed that until the I-81 split to the north. As we merged onto I-81 I realized we would be on this road all the way up to Pennsylvania. We arrived in Abingdon without incident. Total mileage today was 620 miles, travel time was 10 hours 52 minutes from hotel to hotel.

The weather was great today, it was cloudy most of the way up with only the occasional patch of sunshine or rain. At one point in Tennessee I saw some really dark clouds with rain coming down ahead of us so I stopped and put on my frogg togg pants. 5 miles later we were riding out of the rain. I left them on since we only had a few hours left and I really didn’t want my boots to get wet on the inside again. The boots had actually dried out from yesterday. Temperatures were awesome, for the most part we in the 70’s all the way up. A few areas it was in the 80’s and during the traffic jam I think it actually got into the 90’s with the sunshine. Reagan and I are considering starting out tomorrow morning wearing our cold weather under jackets. It’s going to be in the 60’s at the start. I haven’t ridden in 60 degree temps since February!

day 2

No gear issues today. I had my sleeves zipped up most of the day and the rain was never really strong enough to penetrate the zippers.

UPDATE: For dinner we went across the street to a restaurant called Tuscon Italian Grill. Try the Douby rolls, they are to die for. And be sure to order the alfredo sauce.

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