Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rallies 2011 – Day 3

Today our route from Abingdon was pretty simple, head north to I-81 until we get to Harrisburg, PA. About 30 minutes on the road I realized we would arrive too early so I took a detour at Marion, Va and went east on Hwy 16. We found a great twisty road into the mountains. Then we picked up Hwy 58 north. We eventually found ourselves on I-77 west which returned us to I-81N about 30 minutes north of where we exited the interstate earlier. It was a great detour.

Riding through Virginia I found driving to be stressful. Traffic tended to run in large packs. We were either in a pack running 10+mph or driving below the posted speed limit. Virginia isn’t my favorite state to ride in, at least not on the interstate. The back roads are great though!

Today we travelled 466 miles over 8 hours 19 minutes. It was a great day. We arrived at our friends’ place without issue. We’ll be here until Tuesday when we leave for the rally.

day 3

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