Saturday, February 2, 2008

2 up on the GS today

After months of suttle opportunities and the installation of J&M speakers in Reagan's helmet, she got on the back of the bike. She was a little hesitant at first but a trooper none the less.

The ride was short and began with an easy pace to get the feel of things. We went to "the other side of the tracks" behind the old sugar factory and then moved across hiway 6. Left on Old Richmond road and down by Kevin and Charlene's place. As we neared FM 1464 I asked if she wanted to try a short run on 99, this would see how the bike did at speed. She agreed so we made a left on FM 1464 and headed to the Grand Parkway. When we got to the Parkway, I made a right and began to accelerate. The bike was smooth and Reagan seemed pretty comfortable.

When we got up to Harlem road, we made a right and then another right onto Madden road. The plan was to swing by John and Lydia's if they were cleaning the trike. The sharp left and sharp right on Madden went well. We crossed 1464 onto Boss Gaston road, turmed right on Richmond Gaines road. I wanted to take West Airport instead of Voss due to the construction. We crossed Burney road and continued to Eldridge. A few more turns and we pulled into John and Lydia's "pool hall" where John pretty much had the trike washed up.

We sat around for a while telling stories and talking. As the sun was going down the temperature felt like it was getting colder. I was happy to put on the riding jacket to go home. Once on the bike, I noticed Reagan was shivering. Apparently she was cold from the time we got off the bike. A couple of miles down Alt-90 and we were pulling into the driveway. A fun short ride accomplished.

Next time we'll take a longer ride out somewhere to eat a tasty lunch, maybe bar-b-que in Eagle Lake, Pattison or maybe Neumans in Belleville. So many options for a short day ride.

The GS is a great bike for 2 up riding. It handled the extra passenger without issue. A few tweaks of the pillion seating area and she'll be set.

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