Friday, February 15, 2008

BBQ run to Alvin on the Savage

So the BMW is in the shop but that doesn't mean I don't have two wheels to ride to a BBQ lunch. Today's ride was pretty short and straight. I was going to meet two of my riding buddies in Alvin after they finished dropping off a bike that needed some work.

The route was straight. As in straight down highway 6 from Sugar Land to Alvin. The little Suzuki Savage 650 ran great. I'm hoping to run a few tanks of gas through it before I get my bike back next week. I think it just needs to be used instead of sitting in the garage.

BBQ at Joe's in Alvin seems to be a local favorite. I was there at lunch time and the parking lot was full of people. I opted for their small plate which had 1 meat, beans, cole slaw and potato salad for $7.95. The beans were good and the meat had a nice smoky taste to it. I didn't think the brisket had been cooked long enough though. It didn't easily pull apart with my fingers. Good BBQ in my opinion should pull a part easily in your hands, of course when it's over cooked it will fall apart on the plate which makes for tasty chopped beef sandwiches but a little difficult to eat as sliced.

Along the way I saw a BBQ place in Manvel called the Naked Spare Rib. I think I'll put it on my list of places to check out. I'm not a fan of just running down highway 6 for BBQ so maybe I can go down toward Richmond and take FM 762 to FM 1462 over to Alvin or cut up 288 from 1462. Either way I can do something better than just HWY 6 there and back.

Note about my Rick Mayer custom seat:
This evening Rick called me after I left another voice mail on his machine. He seemed genuinely interested in helping to resolve my problem with the seat. I described the pain to him and suggested possibly flattening the seat to reduce cupping and to carve a groove in the middle to help alleviate the pressure on my tail bone. Rick explained that flattening the seat would only put more pressure on my tail bone. After we discussed miles ridden in the seat, around 9000 by my estimates, he finally said he didn't think there was anything he could do for me and that I just had a problem with the seat. Then he offered to put my seat back to stock and refund my money, minus $150 for the leather shell though. I find it sort of odd that he deducts $150 when the leather upgrade only cost me $100. I may just sell it on ebay or and go on. He did agree to refund my money though so he's alright in my book, if not a little difficult to contact.

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