Thursday, February 14, 2008

Waiting for another new seat

For those who know me, I 've tried to make it very clear that I'm not happy with my Rick Mayer custom seat. It's an absolute torture device causing discomfort in the first 30 miles and pain within the first 100. Last week I finally acquired another stock seat to use while I sent my RMC seat in for adjustment. So I called Rick to discuss what needed to be done. The only problem, nobody was there. So I left a voicemail saying I needed a seat adjustment and to please call me to discuss.

Well it's been a week and no returned phone call. I've called a few times through out the week to try and "catch him" but no luck. They simply aren't answering the phone. I say "they" because I know for a fact that it's not just Rick working in a little shack all by himself. His sister works with him and others. So for whatever reason they've left the answering machine on and not bothered to return calls for a week. Not the best customer service.

Since the trip out to Ft. Davis in January I've been regretting more and more the purchase of the RMC seat. At times I sort of feel like one of those people in a V-8 commercial that bonk themselves on the head saying "I could've had a V-8". In my case it's "I've could've had a Russel" as in a Russell Day Long seat. To make matters worse, I saw a post on showing a beautiful seat for my bike from RDL. So I started inquiring as to the wait time, costs, etc... As is my nature, my inquiries were via email. Heather responded and was very helpful. Initially she said the soonest I could get a seat built was April 18th. But she went on to explain their warranty. They believe in their production process so much so they will adjust the seat two times within 18 months of purchase and if the seat still doesn't fit me they will put the seat back to factory and refund my money. Contrast that to RMC's "guarantee" and you start to see the difference.

Tuesday I made the commitment and faxed in my order for a "Day Long" seat with a rider backrest. The seat was specified as a S-3 Dual (both rider and pillion) leather top and vinyl sides with the half moon stitching pattern. I chose the stitching pattern because it seemed to fit the bike best and was the most water resistant. It also didn't look like something you'd see on a 70's chopper. This time I'm getting the pillion seat done so Reagan will have a more comfortable place to sit when we go to Gillette for the rally in July. Hopefully a seat like the one in this picture will be on my bike before I head to Memphis in May for a training convention. I am really hoping to knock out my SS2000 on the way up.

Today I got the call and was told my production date is April 25th. She told me I could send in my pictures along with my seat or I could send the pictures via email and if I was able to send the seat in a little early that would help. You can bet I'll send it in early.

Here's to hoping the RDL is all I dreamed for in a seat on my LD adventure steed.

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