Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 10 - Liberal

We got an early start today but not quite the start that we wanted. Just before 5am Reagan woke me up to say she wanted to go to the emergency room. The pain wasn't getting any better and she wanted to make sure she hadn't done something bad in yesterday's fall. So the first thing to do is figure out where the nearest hospital was. The gps didn't do much good as it said we had to go 30 miles to reach a hospital. Fortunately Reagan and the common sense to look in the phone book and found a hospital just around the corner. So we geared up and rode over there.

The Kit Carson Hospital in Burlington, Colorado is a throw back from the days gone by. We had to be buzzed into the ER and then went to the second floor. There wasn't really a reception area, we just walked into the center of the ER with it's 2 beds. The nurses on duty were friendly and helpful and took Reagan's info and then started calling the folks on call. After a few tests they decided she didn't have any broken ribs or a bruised kidney and discharged her with a nice perscription for the pain.

It was 7am by the time we got back to the hotel so we grabbed some breakfast downstairs. Then it was time to pack the bike and check out. We were on the road by 8am local time. The route started simply enough, head east on I-70 and then south on 83 through Kansas. When we got Liberal for lunch Reagan was worn out and wanted to rest so we got a room and then I went to pick up her prescription. Total mileage for the day was 241 miles. Considering the trip to the ER that's a pretty good day, especially with the heat.

With some good rest and a few vicadin hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow. According to the gps we've got about 700 miles left to go. It's unlikely that we'll do it all tomorrow but we should be able to complete it in the next two days. Of course, Reagan has the option of jumpinh on a plain in Dallas or Amarillo if she wants to. With an earlier start tomorrow hopefully we can beat some of this heat. It's rather warm out there.

One thing this trip has shown me is that in an instant things can go from good to bad in a snap. At the Rally we heard about a medical evacuation service called MedJet. I think we'll definitely be signing up for that when we get home. If they has told us they wanted to keep her for observation or if she had has a bruised kidney, I certain would not have wanted the folks in Burlington. They were nice enough but I'd start to worry about the care over time.

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