Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 11 - Waco

Reagan got a good night's sleep last night and seemed much better this morning. Thanks in part to the Vicadin I'm sure. We wanted to get an early start so we could enjoy the cooler temps. So the alarm clock went off at 5am, yes we set an alarm clock. Remember it's hot outside. By 5:45 we were rolling down the road.

Follow the Yellow Brick road! That's what the gps said, well not really. It told me to turn on the Yellow Brick road though and that's how I pulled out of the parking lot. We left Liberal, Kansas (the home of the Wizard of Oz) and headed down Hwy 83. Before I knew it we were crossing the Oklahoma state line. It was still dark outside so for the first hour I kept the speed down around 55 and had on all my lights. I wanted to take it nice and slow just in case there were any deer in the area.

Just after 8am we pulled into Shamrock for a break. OJ and chocolate donuts for me, a honey bun for Reagan. This was the first breakfast on the entire trip where we were bad. We topped off the camel backs and continued south on 83. When we got to Childress, a left turn put us on Hwy 287 heading to Fort Worth. We stopped in Wichita Falls for fuel and another break. Following our earlier break in Shamrock the temperature had been rising, and by Wichita Falls it was definitely in the 90s. We loaded up on water and gatorade and then I got to pour water all over Reagan. She hasn't figured out the part of soaking her jacket in the bathroom sink.

Back on the road heading to Ft. Worth. We got into town around 12:45 and continued south on I-35W. Once south of I-20 we pulled into a truck stop for another break and to get Reagan some ice for her side. With the camel backs loaded and her side properly iced, we resumed our journey south. Finally Reagan came on the intercomm and said to find a hotel in Waco, she was done.

We pull into the Super 8 at I-35 and 77 and call it quits for the day. Total mileage for the day, 512 miles. The clerk says there's cake in the lobby between 3 and 4 so that's going to be our afternoon snack.

With only 200 miles to go to get home we'll definitely be home tomorrow before noon. Plenty of time unpack and do all the stuff so we can get back into the routine of work on Thursday.

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