Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 7 & 8 - At the Rally

The past 2 days have been spent at the BMW MOA Rally and there hasn't been any riding other than to and from the hotel. We've bought a few things at "Rally special" prices and we've heard a lot of great seminars. The people have been great too. There was a great stunt show and Reagan got to sit on some bikes. She seemed to like the F800ST so the campaign for it as the second bike will have to begin soon.

I wish I could say good things about the town. The hotel doubled their prices when they found out the rally was coming to town. The restaurants weren't used to having customers and generally people just aren't very nice. Tonight we were locked in a restaurant by the GM because she was trying to close the place and it took over an hour to get our food. But then again what can you expect out of a town that's so small they don't even have a movie theatre.

Tomorrow we are back on the road and back behind the bars. So there should be some good tales to tell. Unfortunately we are going to make the return trip a little more direct so we can get home by Tuesday night hopefully.

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