Friday, July 11, 2008

T minus 1 day and counting

Today is the eve of our vacation. That means there's all sorts of things to do before we leave in the morning. And it seems there's all sorts of work that needs to be done as well. My clients had things that needed to be done before I left. Of course that means there will be some nice checks when I get back.

The bags are almost completely packed. Our cases have been laying in the floor all week with most of the stuff in them. Just a few last minute items in the morning and I should be able to latch them on. Reagan has once again proven that she is the superior packing artist so she is taking the smaller side case. Of course in my defense I am packing the tools in my case. But it's my large walking shoes that actually knocked me out of the small case.

Earlier today I ran some errands to take care of last minute things I wanted to do. I drained about 1/2 a quart of oil as I had over filled it last weekend. I went ahead and put in some Zmax oil and fuel treatment to see if it makes any difference. Then I went to the bank and stopped by AutoZone for some vacuum hose to complete my canister-ectomy that I had started last weekend. I passed by the Kwik-lube to get an inspection but they had several cars waiting so I went on, maybe when I get back.

Then it was over to the Hallmark store for a neoprene wine tote. The only problem was they don't carry them any more. So I headed over to World Market in hopes of finding something there. Indeed they had something that would work, maybe even a little better than the neoprene. It's more like a collapseable cooler with a plastic liner on the inside. Since all I wanted was something to block the heat and wind for my camelback bladder inside the tank pannier this should do the trick.

Now it's just a matter of double checking my packing and waiting for the morning to get here and our vacation to begin. I think I'll have a frosty cold adult beverage while I wait.

Tomorrow's post will be from Abilene, Tx if all goes as planned.

T-12 hours 44 minutes

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