Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CIW 2010 - Day 10

Home at last, home at last....

This morning we wanted to get started at the crack of dawn so we could enjoy as much of the cool air as possible. We were packed and on the road by 6:15. This was the earliest departure of the entire trip. Over the winter, I got lazy on my start times. Now that we are into the summer heat, departure times need to be earlier.

Since we were on Hwy 59 I didn't even look at the GPS and headed south. Once under way I told the GPS to take us to Wild West in Katy and it promptly told me to turn around and run up to I-20 and over to 259. I ignored the GPS and continued down Hwy 59 toward Carthage.  The air was crisp and cool, it was a great time to be riding.

In Carthage I took the loop around to the west and caught 317 over to Mt. Enterprise and Hwy 259. That saved me about 10 miles as opposed to continuing down 59. In Nacogdoches I caught up with Hwy 59 again and continued south to Diboll where we made our only gas stop for the day. It was the quickest of the entire trip as Reagan and I both wanted to get to Shepherd so we could have breakfast at Happy Days Diner.  This has become one of our favorite stops along 59 this year.

When we left breakfast we also left the cooler air. It was above 80 degrees as we left the diner. There's not much to say about the ride after breakfast. When we got to Beltway 8 we took it to get over to Katy a little quicker. We arrived at Wild West around 10:30, purchased Reagan's extended warranty plus some other parts we needed for the bikes, and sat on a few bikes. When we finally left it was almost 11:30 and Reagan was ready to be home so we hustled on down the grand parkway to the house.

Total mileage today was 261 miles and it took us a little under 6 hours including the stop of breakfast and a little over an hour at Wild West. Starting early made the trip easier.  Since Summer is here, that will definitely be the norm for the rest of the summer.

Total mileage for the trip was 2,858 miles over a 10 day period. We got to stop at several neat spots along the way. As always, we've just scratched the surface of some places and plan to return for further exploration in the future. Going to Memphis now may be a costly endeavour because I don't think it'll be same without staying at the Peabody hotel. And Reagan mentioned something about having a birthday party at the Peabody, I wonder how much an arm and a leg go for these days.

This trip sort of kicked off our summer. We've got another big trip planned for July and there's likely to be an overnighter in June in preparation for Reagan's SS1000 during the July trip. This trip gave Reagan some ideas for tweaking her bike to better fit her riding style and she found out riding without a hydration pack is definitely no fun. Check back soon to see where I'm off to next.

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