Monday, May 17, 2010

CIW 2010 - Day 2

This morning around 3:30 am we awoke to wind gusts up to 60mph. I was sort of wishing I had taken the hotel proprietor up on her offer of letting us park the bikes underneath the carport. But since my bike was covered I figured there wasn't much I could do without getting wet so I went back to sleep.

We were on the road by 8am as planned and started looking for food since there was nothing nearby the motel. The route started on US 165 heading toward Monroe. As we motored down the road I kept wondering if we would ever find a place to eat. All we found were fast food joints in strip centers. But we pressed on. Finally as we rolled into Columbia Heights we came upon Frances' Family Restaurant. Breakfast was affordable, the food was tasty and the service was friendly and fast. I even got to meet Miss Frances. She was tickled that we stopped at her restaurant this morning. If you are heading up 165, it's worth stopping to eat there. Good food, good value, good service, that's everything I want when I eat.

So with full stomachs we resumed our travels. The goal was to make Memphis before 5 so we could see the ducks at the Peabody. When we reached Bastrop we headed north onto 425 and then continued on 165. In Montrose we took business 82 east to get back to the river. In Greenville we turned onto Hwy 1. This kept us closer to the river. This section of highway was part of the Mississippi Great River Road. Finally in Friar Point we headed East on 61 which eventually turned North.

In Tunica we stopped at Sonic for some cherry lime-aids and chilly cheese tots. Since we were so close to Memphis and time was on our side we filled up in Tunica so we wouldn't have to worry about it in the morning. Then it was on into Mempis via 61. Be prepared for lots of stop and go coming into Memphis via 61 as there are so many lights along the way. A short ride on I-55 and then we took the Riverside exit and rode along the river until we got to Union Avenue and then found the Peabody.

Just like any old high end hotel in a downtown area, parking was difficult. But we got unloaded and checked in, then moved the bokes to the hotel parking area. Next time we'll come in on 2nd Avenue so we can at least pull into the area where the valet pickup/drop off is. Even with the parking challenges, we managed to get changed into street clothes, go to the hotel bar for a beer and see the ducks march back to the elevator from their day time duck fountain in the lobby.

We are heading out to Beale street to listen to some Blues and eat some BBQ. Since Rendevous is closed on Sunday and Monday, we'll have to find another place to eat. I doubt we're going to have any problems.

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