Sunday, May 23, 2010

CIW 2010 - Day 8

Today we are going to Branson to meet up with our friends John and Lydia who have a place there. The goal was to get there after 4pm so we didn't hustle as much as we should have to get on the road. Reagan had a breakfast shake and I took advantage of the free continental breakfast before we left.

By 8am we were on the road and leaving the hotel. This departure was really later than we should have left because the temperature was already rising. It was over 80 degrees as we left. The route was simple, I-80 back over to I-39 and then south to I-55 south.

We weren't on the road very long until the heat started to plague Reagan. Unfortunately before the trip began we hadn't sorted out where she was going to keep her hydration pack and she found she didn't like wearing it on her back because it was hot. So as the temperature rose she found herself getting more and more dehydrated. Our stops started getting longer and it was obvious that she wasn't going to make it to Branson without some changes.

So we got some water in her, got her cooled off, and then covered her in water from head to toe. Then we rode 50 miles and took another break. This time she looked better and felt a little better but the effects of dehydration had already occured. We repeated the process and got back on the road. Unfortunately I pressed a little too far on the next stop and she really needed to visit the bathroom by the time we arrived. We took extra time on the stop as it was lunch time and I wanted to make sure she cooled off and got some fluids in her. Then it was time to get back on the road. We still had over 150 miles left on I-55.

By now, we had a system that was working to keep Reagan riding. So we continued toward Branson on I-55 until we got to Springfield where we turned south onto US 65. From that point we only had 50 miles to complete for the day. When we got into Branson, the GPS led us through downtown Branson before we got to our destination.

It was decided that we would order some Italiam delivery so we went across the street to the supermarket for some beer. Then we went to their place and called it quits for the day. Final mileage was 488 miles in 9 hours 55 minutes. That's an average trip speed of 49mph which is low for interstate travel but pretty good considering the heat got to Reagan and it was her biggest mileage day to date on the Spyder.

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