Saturday, May 22, 2010

CIW 2010 - Day 7

Today the seminar ended around 5pm. It was a good seminar and I learned a few things about brain science that I didn't know before. It'll definitely change the way I do things in the classroom.

So with my business completed we hopped on the bikes and got out of town as quickly as possible. The route was I-94W to I-894 but some how I missed the 894 exit and we had to make a detour down South Moorland Drive instead. That took a few extra minutes but then we were able get on I-43S and resume the route as planned.

Eventually we reached I-39S and took that out of Wisconsin and into Illinois to our final destination for the evening, Peru, Il. We are staying at the Super 8, no surprise there. But when I made the reservation last night I failed to notice the web site switched me from non-smoking to smoking during the registration process. Oh well, just have to pay closer attention to that detail in the future.

We are doing laundry tonight as most of our riding clothes are dirty and there were no facilities for such an activity at the Hilton.

Just a note to riders in south east Wisconsin.... if you are a delusional Harley rider who thinks you don't have to be friendly to other motorcyclists... stay the hell out of the rest of the world. Honestly, HD riders up there won't wave at anybody and it's contagious to other brands as a result. If you can't celebrate the fact that other motorcycles (regardless of brand) are on the road with you then you've missed the fact of just how miniscule our numbers are (Less than 2% of vehicles on the road). We had to get into Illinois before riders started waiving again. That's just plain silly. Waiving is just good karma.

We only rode 163 miles in just under 3 hours today. But since we didn't get started until 5pm that worked out as planned. Tomorrow we are heading to Branson to meet up with John and Lydia. Monday we'll start the push toward home, either making it on Monday evening or Tuesday.

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