Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AK '09 - Day 18

Back on the road again!

It was too dang hot to sleep last night. Without a fan I couldn't get the room comfortable enough to sleep in. I probably managed to get a few hours of sleep though. I rose early and got my shower then watched a little hulu. I took care some of business stuff and packed up. By 9am I was checked out of the room and headed to the Can Am dealership.

I took care of some paperwork and the Spyder was mine. The salesman went down to the DMV office to transfer the title while we started working on the GS. The plan was to strip the GS and then start putting everything on the Spyder. John and Jerry started working on the rear end while I started working on the front end. Eventually I got every off, even the gas tank. At first I was just going to pull apart the stuff I needed for the Spyder but then it just made sense to go ahead and pull all the wires so it doesn't have to be done when it  gets to Wild West in a month.

After everything was off and we put the bike back together, then we moved the Can Am up onto pavement  and started taking it apart. I took all the plastics off on the righthand side and the rear. Jerry started working on the antenna for the CB, John started to work on the J&M Radio mount and I starte working on the GPS mount. I'm pretty sure I had the easier item to mount. Jerry left for some hardware and then John realized he needed some parts for the radio. Finally Jerry returned and we sent him out again. Meanwhile I started working on running the cabling.

Finally the radio was mounted, the antenna was mounted and the gps was done. Jerry soldered up the cigarrette plug and we had to do a little troubleshooting since the dealership didn't bother to troubleshoot their work. It turned out they didn't plug a fuse into the accessory spot. Once we added the fuse we had power and everything worked.

The only thing left to do was button things up and install the tank bag and the tank paniers. It took a little effort to get the tank bag positioned correctly so it didn't interferre with the seat or the steering. Finally the bike was ready to roll.

I settled up with the dealership and for $1,390 my GS will get to Texas in about 4 weeks. Then the fun begins. I'll have to fix a broken gas tank connector, add some fuel and connect the battery. Then it'll be ready for Wild West to tear apart and fix the transmission. It's probably going to be 2 months before I'm riding it again. That's sad.

So we left the BMW shop and went to Wendy's for a late lunch. Then we pulled out of town and went down Highway 2 toward Delta Junction. It was only a hundred miles but it gave me some real time in the saddle with the new ride. It's different, steering works different. But it accelerates like crazy. It's a fun bike. The seat isn't very comfortable and it needs bar risers to put the rider in a more upright position. But the bike is FUN.

Tomorrow we are headed to Destruction Bay for the night. A grilled cinamon bun for breakfast will be great! I already know the road is gonna be crappy tomorrow because it's lots of construction but with the trike it shouldn't be a problem.

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