Thursday, July 9, 2009

AK '09 - Day 19

I woke up before the alarm clock today. It was a good night's sleep. I think it was the fan that made sleep so good and easy.

We were supposed to be on the bikes by 7am but we were all ready to go before then. I took the lead today and didn't see much of the guys in the rear view mirror. That little Spyder can boogie.

The first part of the morning was wet but once we crossed the border the sky seemed to clear and the sun started to shine. Unfortunately there was too much smoke from the brush fires in Alaska.

The route was simple, we went from Delta Junction to Destruction Bay. We stopped in Tok for breakfast. Unfortunately that was a little late for breakfast so we didn't have lunch. By the time we made it to Destruction Bay I was pretty hungry.

Tomorrow we are supposed to head to Teslin, but we may ride farther depending on the room situation.

So what about the Spyder. It hauls butt! It sticks to the road really well, you just have to have faith. The distance between the seat and the foot pegs is a little short so my hips cramp up quickly. There's no throttle lock yet, so the wrist gets a little sore after a while. And the handle bars are a little long to reach. All of these things are fixable, but I want to let Reagan check out the bike before we start adding the goodies. It really is a fun machine. And of course, it needs some paint for Reagan.

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