Friday, July 10, 2009

AK '09 - Day 20

We were heading south today. We've reached the peak of the trip and now it's time to start moving back toward home. Not immediately but we need to point ourselves in the general direction.

We were up and packed before the restaurant opened. We had breakfast in Destruction Bay. I had to send my egg back because it wasn't cooked as ordered, over hard is really simple, burn it! The second egg was great and the cinnamon roll was yummy.  I managed to do a little work during breakfast while everyone visited.

The route was simple, we were travelling approximately 300 miles down the Alcan from Destruction Bay to Teslin. We stopped for lunch at the McDonalds in Whitehorse because Fred needed some oil for the bike and there was a Wal-Mart and Tire Canada right next to each other. I found a CanAm dealership nearby but didn't stop to see if there were any must have accessories. After lunch and a fill up we continued south. The pace was slow except the occassional vehicle passing moments, the spyder likes to accelerate. We were making such good time that we had plenty of time at the rest stops.

We got to our motel south of Teslin, Dawson Peaks Lodge, just after 4pm. I unloaded the bike and completed some computer work that needed to be done. Then it was time for dinner at the lodge. The waitress.... well she really should find another line of work. She couldn't remember an order long enough to write it down correctly. We did manage to get our food and $22CAN later I walked out having eating a bacon, cheeseburger with potatoes and 2 coors light. Gotta love Canada. Eeh!

We won't be staying here for breakfast, instead we are going to get on the road between 6:30 and 7 and eat down the way.

Jerry just walked out of the bathroom saying they turned off the water. What sort of place is this? No air conditioning, no fans, piss poor room ventilation, misquitos big enough to carry off the new bike and now there's no running water? Oh what an adventure.

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