Thursday, July 23, 2009

AK '09 - Day 33

Last night I didn't get to bed until almost midnight and I was up at 5am. I thought it was going to be a long day without much sleep. I did a little work as the internet connection had improved since last night and then we packed the bikes. By 6:30 we were heading out of the parking lot going south on Hwy 33.

Reagan took the rider's seat so I was chief photographer for our bike. Fortunately overnight they had swept the gravel road so travel was much easier and quicker. We stopped for gas in Victor, Idaho and then it seemed like we were across the state line going over the Teton Pass again. Reagan handled the pass with ease. Look out Valentino Rossi.

We rolled through Wilson and Jackson without finding a place for breakfast. We turned south onto US 26 and then US 189. Still nothing for breakfast, I thought our goose had been cooked. Finally in the middle of nowhere we found the Branding Iron cafe just south of Bondurant, WY. The waitress was wonderful and the food was good. We left there an hour and a quarter later with very full stomachs.

The route continued south on 189 with Reagan driving. We headed east on 191 toward Pinedale where we stopped at a Napa Auto Parts. John needed some coolant because he was a little low, thus causing his over-heating problem from the day before. While we were there we talked to local boys who told us about life in Pinedale and quizzed us about the Spyder. They actually leave the keys in their boats and recreational vehicles. It's a different life than in Texas, that's for sure.

We continued on 191 to Rocksprings where we stopped at the Flyin' J for fuel and food. Since I was still stuffed from breakfast I just had a bowl of fruit and several glasses of iced tea. With 200 miles on the trip odometer for the day, Reagan opted to let me drive the last leg of the trip.

We hopped on I-80 west over to 530 south. We were following the west side of the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area. At first it was just some mountains and large hills. Then we turned south on 44 in Manila and we actually entered into the rec area. We found the beauty of the gorge, and we found some great twisties too. There are some fun switchbacks going up and there are some fun switchbacks coming down. Don't forget to take time to see the views at the scenic lookouts.

We picked up 191 going south again and rode through a phospate mining operation. And we found more twisties. The only problem was the large truck that was going less than 10mph but once we got around him it was fun again.

Finally we rolled into Vernal, UT and checked into the Best Western Dinosaur. It's a great place with nice rooms and a maintenance guy who is really into motorcycles. He hooked us up on ice for the beer and told us where to eat dinner that was within walking distance.

After we unloaded the bikes, Reagan and I headed to Walgreens and Radio Shack for some stuff. It was a very pleasant experience to be in a town with familiar stores and friendly people. Maybe this could be our summer home :)

Upon our return, we had a few drinks and then walked to dinner. Service was good and the house special was a great value, it was a Fred dinner.  Afterwards, we waddled back to the hotel and sat around outside the room. Another great day on the road, with great friends.

Tomorrow we're heading to Colorado, then it's Childress, TX on Saturday and home on Sunday. The trip is winding down. The good part though is we are adding places to see on future trips and now future trips involve Reagan on her Spyder. This has really been a great trip.

BTW: I am trying to upload some videos of Reagan on the Spyder to YouTube but I've been bandwidth starved or I'm doing something wrong. If I don't get it done on the road, I'll definitely get it done when I get home.

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