Thursday, July 16, 2009

AK '09 - Day 26

One more day until the girls get here and today was the day we returned to the US. Hooray!!!!

I had some work to do so when I woke up, I turned on the laptop and started working. An hour and a half later I was done so I hustled to get dressed and packed so we could get our day started. We stopped for gas and food before leaving town, then headed south on 93 around 9am. Even so we were going to be in Kalispell by 12:30.

93 took us south to Hwy 3 where we headed east. Then picked up 93 south again. That took us to the border and we crossed without issue. They were interested why a person from Texas had a bike with Alaska plates. It was a good story to tell.

We got into Kalispell around 1:30 and decided to stop for lunch since it was probably too early to check in. We ate at famous Dave's BBQ which wasn't bad for a chain BBQ joint. They had sweet iced tea so I was in heaven. I had 3 glasses before getting filled up.

We got over to the hotel around 3:00 and checked in. When I got there my packages were waiting for me. So I carried them to the room and then unloaded the bike. Since we'll be here for 2 nights I took a few extra things off the bike.

Once it cooled off a little we went outside and installed the highway pegs and throttle lock. The pegs took about 1.5 hours and the throttle lock took 10 minutes. The 2" extensions may be a little too short for Reagan but I can fabricate some 3 or 4 inch extensions for her. They are just 1/4 inch plate with 1/2 inch holes drilled.

Tomorrow we are going to clean up the bikes, move into new rooms and pick up the girls. It'll be a great day to relax and get a little work done.

NOTE: I've neglected uploading pictures lately. That's being taken care of tonight. Here's the link

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