Monday, July 13, 2009

AK '09 - Day 23

I awoke this morning to a gorgeous view of the mountain. The clouds had come in and covered the peak of the mountain so it felt like we had a blanket overhead.  I wanted to get a picture of the Bus where I had dinner last night so after packing the bike I road down there to snap a picture.

For anyone who kept a count of the drinks from yesterday. I felt great when I woke up. It must have been the high quality Alaskan beer.

We ate at the Glacier Inn and then headed through customs. They didn't want to delay us so the questions were very brief and the agents were courteous. Then we went on down the road back tracking up 37 to 37a. With the low hanging clouds it wasn't as beautiful as it was the day before but it was still nice to see some of the water falls and take a look at Bear glacier.

37a took us down to 16 where we headed east. The farther we went, the more traffic we encountered and the more civilization we riding into. Finally we stopped in Smithers for gas and lunch at Tim Horton's. I can now say I've eaten at Tim Hortons and I don't plan to do it again. Maybe it's just the fact that they don't take any credit accept mastercard, but I wasn't impressed.

From Smithers to Burns Lake is only 80 miles so we mounted up again and road the final stretch.  Other than the rain we had to ride through it was an uneventful ride into town. We pulled into a motel next to a restaurant and got some rooms. It was early enough I almost took a nap but decided not in hopes that I would get to sleep earlier.

Another great day of riding. Tomorrow we are going to be splitting from Dick and Fred, but it puts us one day closer to the girls.

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